Inside an Introvert’s Mind During the Pandemic’s Second Wave

Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

While not much feels safe anymore, I think it is safe to say that 2020 has been a year filled with anxiety, fear, and loneliness for so many people.

Depending on where you live in the world, lots of us still can’t mix with other households. This means a huge limitation on socializing with both friends and family, plus dating and trying to find love for the single population.

Our interaction with others has become so seldom and sparing that it almost hurts, and this is coming from an introvert here. Yes — an introvert who generally would rather not be spoken to by anyone I don’t already know, misses interacting with people.

But I’m also someone who values balance and moderation very highly. I know that socializing is good for us, and even I need it from time to time. It’s healthy having a sense of community. While we all love those who are in our ‘households’ dearly, knowing we wouldn’t have made it through this pandemic without them and their company, we will also all go insane if we continue living in societies with a total population that can be counted on one hand.

It’s important to have other people and their personalities, thoughts, moods, etc. to bounce our own off of. It just is. It promotes a balance of experiences, and it’s what keeps us grateful for the good things in our lives.

And in the same way, staying inside the house this much is not healthy, nor does it provide any semblance of balance! It does us good to get out and either spend some time in nature, at cafés or elsewhere near other people, or even traveling to different cities and countries getting little doses of different cultures and environments. It’s why I’m such a traveller at heart — balance! It gives the mind and soul a little bit of everything it needs, once you find your favourite spots, anyway.


As you might be able to sense, I’m fed up with this pandemic. I’m in England now and we’re going through what is believed to be the second wave. Pubs, cafés, and other similar establishments are closing very early again and everything is encouraged to be done from home.

I’m extremely grateful for my health and the health of those I love. But I’m also sad for the small businesses that have had to shut down, and for their creators who have been forced to find any menial job they can to get by. I’m sad for the tourism-dependant communities that are now ghost towns when they should be thriving. And it breaks my heart to think about the people who are forced to be alone during all of this, with no way to even try to find love nor spend any time with their friends or family.

Death and suicide due to the above predicaments seem to be happening all around us, and it’s devastating. I worry for the world.

Long story short, experiencing things is kind of the whole point of life. This fear of being close to others, the anxiety that comes with thinking anything and everything could make you or your loved ones very sick, and the loneliness that I know so many out there are facing…it keeps us from doing that. And it just seems to never end.

All I can do is hope and pray that it does soon.

Born writer + passionate traveler + yoga instructor = content on travel & adventure, mental health & mindfulness, goals & motivation, love & magic ✨

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