The Perversion of Love that Results from Emotionally Unavailable People

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If you’ve been scorned by en emotionally unavailable person, then you may notice the side-effects. It is, after all, a contagious epidemic.

It’s become so instinctive for you to run away from emotions. That’s how they acted when you got emotional, after all. It scared them. Catching feelings is perceived as such a weakness to you now, because they saw it that way.

When someone actually wears their heart on their sleeve, says what they mean, and expresses how they feel in a healthy, communicative way, it scares you off. ‘Too clingy,’ they could even be labeled.

Deep down, it reminds you of who you once were. You may not have made your peace with that, yet.

And of course, you’ve now become the one who’s emotionally unavailable. Why shouldn’t you? Last time you poured your heart out and made yourself vulnerable, you were hurt in response. Like a child touching the hot plate on a stove, you’ve certainly learned your lesson.

But the truth is, once you’ve gotten yourself ready, once you’ve worked through all your inner issues and scars from your battles with the emotionally unavailable, once you’ve realized what you truly want, and what you actually deserve…once those two things match up, you won’t react this way with the right person. It will take a few trial and errors before finding them, of course. You may become ready before they show up in your life.

But when they do, if you’re ready, your twisted heart will unwind itself in relief. It will know that it’s safe to open up again, because your person will absolutely make sure that you know it is.

You will almost effortlessly unlearn this perversion of love you’d come to live and breathe.

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